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Venoscopio IV Plus

Venoscopio IV Plus


What is the IV Plus Venoscopio and its indications:

Venoscopio IV Plus is a device that locates peripheral veins with precision.

It is a portable, compact and anatomical device; its handling is easy and allows a non-invasive
visualization of veins through light up to 5 mm deep.
Through the anatomy, it is possible to choose the most appropriate vein. Through the IV plus,
it is possible to confirm and evaluate the essential parameters for venipuncture:

• Size / diameter;
• Route and bifurcations;
• Flow / permeability.


• Obese patients, chronic diseases, dark skin;
• Teaching methods in nursing schools;
• Biomedicine and Pharmacy (PEIM-Injectable Aesthetic Procedures on Micro vessels);
• Dentistry – Dental implants;
• Personal use for chronic diseases such as cancer, hemophilia.

How does the IV Plus Venoscopio operates and what are its particularities?

The IV plus uses 2 LEDs with a color combination (green + red) which, projected onto the skin,
captures the carbon dioxide carried by the red blood cells and highlights the veins with a blue
line. It reaches the depth of up to 5 mm.

IV plus particularities:

The high intensity and color combination of the LEDs allow visualizing the vein even in natural

The 90 ° rotation of the rods allows its full use in many different skin surfaces.

The direct, anti-reflective image improves the professional’s confidence when selecting the
adequate needle to the actual diameter of the blood vessel.

It dismisses the usage of tourniquets on the laboratory blood collection. The blood stasis after 1:30 minutes affects the biochemical and hematological parameters.

Once the device is fastened to the limb through Velcro fasteners, the professional can work with both hands on the venipuncture; there is no need of assistance.

It is possible to perform a qualitative follow-up on laboratory examinations and on intravenous medication. In case of accidents (blood vessel transfixation), the blood overflow (hematoma) may be visualized as a blur.

Therefore, hematomas due to punctures made through touching methods only can be avoided.

The IV Plus pressure and decompression procedures on the blood vessel allow checking the blood vessel segment permeability and obstructions, avoiding one unnecessary puncture.

Developed and manufactured in Brazil by Duan, the IV Plus Venoscopio has an exclusive factory warranty and technical assistance, in addition to guidelines and troubleshooting for its best usage.

Technical Information

• Measurements: 11.5cm x 4.5cm x 3.0cm;
• 2 RGB (red, green and blue) led lights; 1 on each rod;
• 90 degree rotating rods;
• Two levels of light intensity (medium and high);
• Battery charge indicator on top;
• 01 battery pack 3,6V Li-Po;
• 01 power supply 110-22 VAC 5 volts;
• Safety system (temperature sensor) that stops recharging when temperature rises above 60º Celsius;
• One-year warranty;
• Exclusive technical assistance from DUAN.

Portable device with removable bottom slot for changing the rechargeable batteries (up to
1000 recharges).

• Certified by ANVISA (Brazil), FDA (USA) and CE (European Compliance)


To the Client:

• Reduces anxiety and pain, as the procedure is safer and less traumatic;
• Reduces potential damages to the veins and bruises.

To the Health Technician:

• Reduces the rate of unsuccessful punctures through the association of visual information and the professional’s ability to locate veins;
• Ensures greater speed and safety at work;
• Increases the possibility of vein choice, especially in long-term patients;
• Allows diagnosing the impossibility of finding peripheral veins.

To the Organization:

• Reduces costs with disposable materials (needles, catheters, etc.);
• Increases the satisfaction rate of patients, generating recommendations;
• Raises the quality of the service care, reflecting on a good institutional image for the market.

Tips for usage

1. Make sure the device is charged before using. It has a charging time of 4 hours.
2. Sanitize the device with alcohol 70 or with the standard product used in your service.
3. Decrease the brightness of the room.
4. The device must be turned on after touching the skin. Avoid turning it on first; high intensity light can overshadow the eyes, although without health hazard.
5. Start by positioning the LED facing the proximal part of the limb.
6. After locating the vein, return the device to the puncture position.
7. Fasten the Venoscopio with the velcro and illuminate the place to be punctured.
8. Once positioned, lift the Venoscope to perform antisepsis only in the region to be punctured.
9. The needle should be inserted before the lights. Keep the Venoscopio on and perform venipuncture more safely and practically.

Venoscopio IV Plus

Get to know it in minutes

Its use generates more safety and comfort for both the patient and the user.
Dr. José Humberto Moromizato


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