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Venoscopio IV Plus

Convenience, accuracy
and cost-effective location
of peripheral veins.


Suitable model for children and newborns
over 1.5 kilos. The rotation of the rods
up to 90º allows its usage in 3 practical ways!


New concept and design in aesthetic and vascular.
Technological innovation that reduces
pain by up to 70%.

Baby II

Suitable for newborns weighing less than 1.5 kilograms.
Advanced and practical design with double vision
gives more precision to venipuncture.



DUAN is a company specialized in solutions for Health which, through its more than 30 years of history, has always focused on customer needs, offering high impact, simple solutions aiming for private, public and Health Systems usage.
Since its foundation, in 1986, and specialization in Health, in 1990, DUAN’s staff comprises
health and engineering professionals who elaborate everything, from the concept to the final manufacture of the product.


“… the use of the locator brings security to the student, who sees the shadow of the vein and is able to puncture the vein with greater accuracy;”
..”It brings comfort and confidence to patients. When they see this technology, they feel more confident during the procedure.”

Dr. Karina Dal Sasso Mendes

Nurse Specialist in Laboratory
School of Nursing of Ribeirão Preto-USP

Certified Company

Certified by ANVISA (Brazil) and EC (European Compliance)

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