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Baby II

Baby II


What is Baby II?

Baby II is a vein viewer designed for newborns weighing less than 1.5 kilograms.
With its single design, the rods are separated from the electronic body and allow it to be handled from inside the incubator.

The use of this high-intensity optical set (red, green and white) allows a direct, non-projected, sharp visualization of the opposing veins, due to the white light that transfixes the bones and muscles; the red and green lights give the blue / pink tone of the venous network.

It allows obtaining fundamental parameters for vein puncture:

• Size / diameter;
• Route and bifurcations;
• Flow / permeability.

Exclusive additional benefits of Baby II:

Double stems, such as the ocular system (depth orientation), allow better assertiveness of the veins in tiny limbs.

The 2 optical devices are interconnected by a rod which can be adjusted to the diameter of the limb; its design allows the professional to use the same hand to position the Baby II and fix the newborn’s limb.

Tested and approved the optics and design of the Baby II by specialized professionals.


Technical Information

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Tips for usage

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Baby II

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Sua utilização gera mais segurança e conforto, tanto para o paciente quanto para o usuário.
Dr. José Humberto Moromizato


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